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          The OODA Loop as described by Colonel John Boyd, when simplified and applied to business, suggests a constant series of assessments relative to the current business environment and the competitive battleground or direct selling channel. The ability to "get inside" the "decision cycle" of your competitor or adversary may well mean the difference between success or failure. "Fight or die."

         Colonel John Richard Boyd (40 second Boyd) is often credited with being the father of the F-16 and later recognized as an intellectual giant in both military tactics and business acumen.

Colonel John Richard Boyd USAF fighter pilot and the OODA Loop. Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. From the book "Boyd" by Robert Coram.

 Manhattan Internet Advertising:  

    We create a dominating competitive advantage for businesses by intensifying the corporate brand image and generating new clients through positive services or product placement online, with a very high ROI. In short, we specialize in generating new business contacts and opportunities, as Ford Motors stated, “where the people are.” Measurable results that are guaranteed.



    We are national experts in name branding, online public relations and Internet marketing. This includes : search engine optimization, site monetization, top Search Engine rankings, keyword research, quality link building, competitive analysis, content analysis, competitor research, blog development, content building, Web 2.0, SEO research, tracking, design critiques, press releases, marketing plans, creating copy and more.

      Invite us to be part of your team and we will create your OODA Loop. - 720-209-5790

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