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Web Design and Website Advertising

Create your own OODA Loop from the beginning of the process. Are your competitors dominating the marketplace because your business isn’t prepared or has "ignored the opportunity" to reach out to your customers, improve services and establish an Internet market presence?

150 million of your potential customers are browsing the World Wide Web, purchasing and communicating with businesses on-line such as yours and your competition. If they can't find you what shopping alternatives do they have? None, except to shop on-line with someone else. In today’s fiercely competitive business world, this scenario might cause businesses to lose significant sales opportunities that could affect its overall financial health and soon threaten its survival. How well do you understand the Internet business threats, and more importantly, the business opportunities the Internet and the World Wide Web can provide your business?

Internet Marketing and Advertising or Media Buyer

Traditional marketing companies have not realized that Internet advertising and traditional advertising have no common ground. The principals are similar but the methodology is completely different and very complex. A traditional advertising professional, without expert Internet knowledge, will have no alternative but to advise the client of the Internet strategy of PPC, Adsense or advertising on another site. (Media Buying) These costs are huge. When consumers are turning away from advertisements, clients would be better served by positive natural search rankings.

Does your mechanic do your taxes?

It is assumed that the company computer tech (who is the only one with a basic understanding of HTML) is also a professional Internet Sales and Marketing Expert. This is like saying the electrician who hooked up the stove in a fancy restaurant is qualified to be the CHEF. In fact many high school students are producing quality looking Web Sites as class projects. Many of today's Web developers are taking advantage of the “drag and drop” functionality of "Web Design Software Editors", which allow for "cut-and-paste" Web Site construction. The end result is a great looking, informative Web Site that cannot be found! "Oh Yeah, my brother-in-law does web pages" is a phrase heard all to often in the Web Development business.

Direct Mail Advertising

Unsolicited advertisements sent via e-mail, while not being illegal, are certainly not appreciated and considered "spam" and as such are viewed with considerable distain. The only value "targeted e-mail lists" provide, are to the "harvesters" who compile and sell the e-mail addresses. Think about it... would you give anyone your e-mail address if they told you they were going to sell it?

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